Developer Success Tracker

Success Tracker is an online, formative assessment and remediation management system.

At the agency I work for we were petitioned to fill out a success tracker by our new content and social media manager. At first I was bored by the idea, so I put it off until last minute.

Once I started I found I liked the success tracker concept a lot, so much in fact I decided to post one of the sections from my recent success tracker here. Warning it's touchy feel good stuff all the way through. So if you can't hang leave now. Big shout out to @johnflurry for forcing us all to do this.

[List] 5 Main Themes for the Past Quarter

To answer this question I decided to focus on our biggest project of the last quarter

1. Communication

Throughout the life of the this project we have worked with multiple teams and individuals. I have learned a great deal about effectively communicating with these people. And after observing some of the more skilled communicators in our interactions I have come to appreciate the power of quick, simple, and concise communication.

2. Collaboration

Communication is the foundation but we have also had to learn to recognize who is best suited for what-when and try to communicate effectively to the correct group or individuals that are best suited for the task.

3. Community

I use "we" in my previous theme explanations because all of these thing apply to a group as a whole. One individual alone cannot make the whole machine function. So I've learned to seek out pleasant interactions with the people around me and foster relationships that walk a line between professional and friendship.

4. Compromise

I'm on an ongoing struggle to not be a yes man. I have pushed back on and challenged potential changes or structural decisions when I thought someone was taking things in the wrong direction. You have to present an opposing opinion if there is going to be any compromise. Worst case scenario you get your way and the best case scenario you are proven wrong then learn something new.

5. Consistency

I think we all have a folder full of half finished projects somewhere on our computers. I've leveled up immensely on being consistent, which can be difficult when working on and switching between multiple projects everyday.