Development Flow

Make it 🔧

cd ~/projects/my-cool-atom-package
apm link .


Ship it ⚓


apm login

Before you can publish packages, you'll need an API token.

Visit your account page on,
copy the token and paste it below when prompted.


Make sure your project is published publicly to Github first
You want your project to be pushed up to Github and to be current everytime before you run publish.

# major: +1.0.0 | minor: +0.1.0 | patch: +0.0.1
apm publish [major|minor|patch]


Don't assign your own tags

When you run apm publish [major|minor|patch] it will automatically increment your version number, push the tags to your Github repo, and update the Atom registry. So no need to ever run git tag -a vN -m "vN"