Sroll All The Way Down...

Checkout the Github repo.


Adds an animated side popout to your Ghost articles that displays the top "read next" story. This animated popout was designed to catch they eye and increase user interaction. It is also unobtrusive because it only animates out when the user reaches the end of an article.



Copypaste CSS into your Ghost theme's CSS file or copy the whole file and @import it from the main style sheet.


Copypaste JavaScript into the Ghost admin panel's Settings > Code Injection > Blog Footer textarea. Make sure to wrap it in <script></script> tags and hit "Save"!

And Then...

And that's it! Now try scrolling to the bottom of one of your articles.
The popout is auto disabled on smaller screens and the CSS could use some work. But the code is pretty simple so feel free to play around with it and send me some pull requests :)