A Simple IP Filter to Get You Started


I am constantly having page-views and events show up in my Google Analytics from my home computer while I'm working on client projects. This is really annoying because you want your reports to be as accurate as possible.

The Solution

Google Analytics has filters that you can apply to all your "properties" (websites). It takes about two minutes to add your home IP address into this filter and then voilà no more artificially inflated numbers. I added my local coffee shop to my filters as well, because I spend a lot of time here developing.

5 Steps from Zero to Four

Step 0
Go to the Admin tab then select all filters on the account you want to apply it to.

Step 1
Click on the + New Filter button.

Step 2
This is the from screen check out the difference between this step and the next one to see the correct fields to fill in.

Step 3
I filled this one out with my local coffee shops IP address but you can add as many filters as you want. Make sure you add all the domains you want this filter to apply to in the Apply Filter to Views selector.

Step 4
Voilà no more bunk hits in your analytics reports. Enjoy!

In Closing

This is just a simple filter but you can explore more options now that you know where the menu is. I'm trying to teach myself as much as I can about Google Analytics. It's a powerful tool, it's totally free, and business clients love numbers. So tell all your friends.