My partner and I recently got a Vizsla puppy named Krypto. Vizslas are very energetic bird dogs and this post is really just a place for me to outline the resources and tools I'll be using to trian him. If for some reason you stumble upon this post: I'm not suggesting this is how you should raise your pup! But you might find some nuggets in here for yourself. Cheers!


Stage 1 (7-12 weeks)

Lay down
Leave it

Stage 2 (12 - X weeks)

Hide and seek/smelling game with dummy and quail or other bird scent
Introduce to birds
Find good hunting dogs he can follow and learn from while they hunt


Come and whoa are the two most important commands you can teach a hunting dog. These two commands let you control its range... (find quote)


Signal: Drop of the hand


Signal: Palm out

Eeezy or "Go in easy"

Signal: Pointer finger out

Inch your dog forward after you've woah'd him into point position. Repeat woah if he gets to far forward. Allows you to inch into some brush or other area where a bird might be without spooking him or loosing control of the dog.


Signal: Left hand for left. Right hand point for right. Never cross.

Train your dog to walk out in front of you when he's off leash. Then zig zag in a large open field pointing the direction your going and calling out "Right" and "Left". As your dog starts to catch on slowly reduce the magnitude of of your zigs and zags until you're essentially walking in a straight line, but your dog is still zigging and zagging.

This is a hunting technique called quartering and will be a useful method when trying to find birds.

Rod & Wing

Gun training


Mosula Montana
Remington 870
Grous pheasant and quail

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Woodland kennels Instagram
On x app
The Flush Amazon

Carrots and Sticks

Positive reinforcment to increase good behavior
Negative punishment to decrease bad behavior

This all revolves around things he wants you either give him things he wants to increase a good behavior or take away things he wants to decrease bad behavior.

You should never apply a stimulus (spanking, yelling, etc) to get rid of a bad behavior. Only take away things that he likes ie: food, playtime, and your effection can all be "treats" in the eyes of your dog. Take these things away.

The focus should also be on making habits at of good behaviors for you dog and less on stopping bad ones. The more time you spend showing your dog what to do and praising him for it the less time he'll have to fill the void with his own interpretation of how he should behave in a situation.

What I mean is if you're dog is behaving poorly its probably because you need to spend more hours with him doing positive training. Excercise him more, teach him new tricks, solidfy existing tricks, play games. Occupy as much of your dogs day with these tasks as humanly possible and he won't have time to misbehave he'll be to busy learning the things you want him to.

Reward your dog for anything and everything that’s not bad. Your dog is silent? Click and treat! Yes, even if he didn’t look at you, click him for not barking (if barking is an issue in class). Find something your dog can do and click and treat him for it! - What to Do If Your Dog Doesn’t Listen in Public

Reward generously. Use top-shelf food – I’m talking ham, cheese, steak, chicken. No dry dog food. - What to Do If Your Dog Doesn’t Listen in Public

This requires you to be more creative than just simply yelling at your dog and it will take more work upfront but you will end up with a much better trained dog without such a high risk of personality disorders that physical punishments can cause.


  • Aversive

  • Punishment

  • Reinforcement

  • Reinforcing Stimulus

  • Aversive Stimulus


  • negative punishment
  • positive punishemnt


  • negative reinforment
  • positive reinforcement


  • negative motivator
  • positive motivator



  • Whoa! - Means stop in place. YouTube hicks video
  • Heal - YouTube video with shepard
  • Kennel
  • Fetch
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
    • when leashing your pup to leave the park, take a moment to play with her, have her perform a trick to get a treat, let her keep the stick she found and allow her to explore her environment on the way out, rather than becoming strictly business - 5 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Come When Called

  • Lay down
  • Look at me
  • Touch
  • Gentle force break/force fetch (Jim at Cabellas)

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