An iPhone and Android App that allows you to add products including product images to your WooCommerce shop

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Available for iOS and Android


What Peeps are Saying

I love hearing from my users. They often have great advice on how to improve the app. So please tweet at me :)


The idea for this app was suggested to me by a client I was doing eCommerce work for. Thinking that this must already be a solved problem I dug a little deeper and discovered that the seemingly obvious functionality of managing products from your phone (adding, updating, searching, & deleting) wasn't built into the official WooCommerce app and wasn't possible from any app on the market.

Market Study

Although I was relatively sure this was something the community would love. I had to be sure and came across this forum post asking for this exact thing with 172 upvotes. WooThemes Forum

The Solution

WooProducts is my solution and is receiving daily downloads. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback and working on improving the app wherever possible, so that I can make overworked store owners lives a little less busy.